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The internet has many dangers associated with ANY media which seeks to service such a diverse audience.

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Welcome to the Internet Safety website. The worldwide web is a fantastic tool for children to make use of. It is excellent for researching their homework, enjoying games, staying in touch with friends and family, and can just be a place to socialize with peers. Despite the wealth of resources the internet provides children, it can also be a dangerous place, and so it is crucial they are taught how to stay safe when online. Our website contains critical internet safety advice that parents need to ensure their kids are aware of. If you have any questions about Internet Safety, contact us and we will endeavour to answer them.


Welcome to the Internet Safety website


Welcome to the Internet Safety website. This website has been set up with the aim of providing answers to all questions about Internet Safety you might have, and is full of links and resources about it. One of the main pointers to pass on to children is that they should not share their personal information with anyone they don’t already know well, whom they have met online. This includes information such as telephone numbers, their email address, their home address, what school they go to, what extracurricular events they attend, or whether they have any holidays or trips planned. By giving this sort of information away they are exposing themselves to all manner of potential dangers. They should also be shown how to identify emails and texts as spam, and be told not to respond to such messages. Furthermore they should never click on links or open emails from unknown senders, as they could be exposed to a computer virus or even a video or image that is not appropriate for their eyes.

It is critical that young children and teenagers be able to see that the internet is not a private forum. If they post comments, images or videos of themselves they need to understand how easy it can be for someone to find them. A good rule of thumb is to stress that they need to refrain from doing anything online that they would be uncomfortable with their parents seeing. Teenagers are especially prone to online risk taking in this manner and they need to be made to understand the dangers they are exposing themselves to. We are always keen to hear your thoughts about our Internet Safety website.


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Here at the Internet Safety website we are here to help you keep your children safe when surfing the worldwide web. The dangers lurking online are manifold, and it is young people especially who need to be targeted with this message, to inform them of the risks inherent in something that, if managed, can be a safe and educative experience. Luckily, it is young people who are most au fait with the ways of the internet, so by using the internet to raise awareness of online dangers, we are actually targeting those most at risk anyway. If there is anything you want to know about Internet Safety that we have not covered, tell us all about it.


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The Internet Safety team are here to raise awareness of the potential dangers of unregulated internet usage.

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